I have so much I need to ask forgiveness for. I lay awake most nights thinking of all the things I have done in my past. Ive hated myself for them. I generally feel bad about myself because of what I have done to hurt my friends and family. I never wished, or intentionally hurt anyone. It was always a by product of what I was doing. I hope that one day I can make all of these things right. I have started to get to know myself better, and understand what causes me to be self destructive. I wish for nothing more then to have those people I hurt forgive me and let me make amends. I know it is a hard thing to accept, and I know it will not be easy for others to grant me their forgiveness. I am still going to try though. Try to make things right, and be true self. Not the destructive person I have become. But a strong, motivated, sincere, and responsible person.


Author: okieschaos

I am an aspiring author, I write about my life, and the experiences that stood out to me. Afghanistan, PTSD, and how I am learning to cope with everyday issues keeps bringing me back to write more. My blog is in its infancy, but I truly believe it contains good insight. My goal is to help my family and friends better understand me. Hopefully my stories will inspire others like me, to have the courage to better themselves. I have found that writing helps me express myself, something that I struggle with in person. I hope you enjoy my writing! If you do please like, comment, and share. @okieschaos

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